Why you shouldn’t wear PJs to the final exam

Dear Daughter,

We have reached the stage where you and I battle about clothing on a near daily basis. You would be okay with walking out the door wearing cropped red sweatpants, an orange t-shirt with some Disney celebrity’s mug on it, white socks and black tennis shoes. And unbrushed hair.

I, on the other hand, prefer a more polished look. The words you are tired of hearing me say are jeans, skirts and sandals. All three of those items, when worn correctly, make any girl, no matter what age, look both cute and cool. But it’s the “cute” part that makes you nervous. Heaven forbid you look too girly!

Clothing is a means of expressing yourself, yes, and I am all for letting you express your tomboy nature through your wardrobe. Honestly. But there’s a difference between that and wearing pajamas to the final exam. Let me explain…

When I was in college, during finals, lots of girls would come to the classroom wearing their pajamas. Some even wore their slippers. I never understood this. I’m sure they had stayed up all night studying. (Another phenomenon I’ll never grasp. If you get no sleep, chances are good you won’t be mentally focused for your test.) But even so, could they not take 5 minutes from their cramming to throw on some jeans and a t-shirt? Some girls said they wore their PJs because it was more comfortable. So the rest of the year they’d suffered through discomfort in their oh-so-constricting street clothes?

Here’s my philosophy on what to wear to the final exam, and to anyplace you go… you will feel far more comfortable and confident by looking put together than you will by looking like a slob. There, I said it. And “put together” doesn’t have to mean frilly dresses, high heels and lots of makeup. It just means anything that makes you look and feel presentable, polished, poised. (More alliteration… I’m a fan.)

I never wore my PJs to the final exam because when I wear pajamas I feel lazy and sleepy. I want to feel neither lazy nor sleepy while taking one of the most important tests of the year. Rather, I want to be on the ball. I don’t see how it’s possible to be on the ball while wearing loose flannel pants and bunny slippers. So I wore clothing that I felt comfortable in, both mentally and physically. And guess what? I did pretty well on my exams. I didn’t need pajamas to help me get an A.

The moral of the story? Clothing is more than an expression of who you are. It also has the means to inflate or deflate your confidence. When you can combine your inner expression with the ability to look and feel confident and respectable, you’ve succeeded in fashion, as far as I’m concerned. So when I tell you that, no, you cannot wear basketball shorts and a tank top to church, now you know where I’m coming from.



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  1. Wendee
    Aug 22, 2011 @ 08:14:08

    I love reading these! We think a lot alike! I only pulled one all nighter in my life, the night before a big dance show when we rehearsed until midnight and then I had to complete a “group” project, quotes on the group intentional. Even then, I’m pretty sure I had time to put on clothes and even still, I always make time for a little mascara and lip gloss 🙂 Most of the people wearing their pj’s probably spent more time putting together the perfect dressed down outfit than they did studying 😉


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