Why you should be a Justin Bieber fan

Dear Daughter,

You’re funny about Justin Bieber. You go out of your way to proclaim that you do NOT like him or his music, yet I catch you singing his songs. You even made up a whole dance routine to “Never Say Never.” For someone who doesn’t like the Biebs, you sure do spend a lot of time talking about him. So I’m not convinced, my dear.

The thing is, I kind of want you to have Bieber Fever. Maybe not to the extent that you daydream about being his wife and you scream at the mention of his name. But I want you to respect him. Because I sure do.

I admit I’m kind of hard on pop music stars. Katy Perry gets most of my scorn, as you know, and Rihanna is becoming a close second. (By the way, shouldn’t Rihanna’s name be pronounced “Ree-hana?” Either that or it should be spelled Rhianna. Drives me crazy!) But Justin Bieber is one of the good guys, and I hope he stays that way.

Here’s why I’m a JB fan:

1) He’s uber talented. Unlike some artists who wouldn’t survive without auto tune  (*cough* Taylor Swift), Justin actually deserves to be a music star. His voice is amazing and he can play the drums better at age 17 than most drummers can play at age 50. We were worried there that once he hit puberty and his voice changed, he would be relegated to the list of has-beens, but he seems to be transitioning just fine.

2) He came from humble beginnings. We Americans love a good Cinderella story, and Justin definitely has one. He was raised by a single mom in a modest household. He didn’t have to go through Disney to rise to success. He started practicing his gift at a very young age, worked hard at it, and eventually got discovered by people who recognize true talent. That’s a lesson to kids that: a) you don’t have to be rich to be noticed, and b) hard work pays off.

3) He loves Jesus. In the documentary Never Say Never, it shows that Justin’s family is Christian, and he and his whole crew pray together before every concert. At one of the awards shows a few months ago, in Justin’s acceptance speech, he gave thanks “not only to God but to Jesus,” who he said has blessed him and is the one who put him in that position. There was debate about that line; some Christians were mad that he made it sound like Jesus and God are not the same, like he was denying the Trinity. But I think I know the point that Justin was making. All the stars thank God when they accept an award. It’s the thing to do. They throw God’s name out there right alongside the names of their producer or assistant. Justin was making a point that he doesn’t view God as just some random guy up in the clouds. He really does believe in and worship Jesus the son of God, and he gives Him the glory for his success. That is unheard of in Hollywood, let alone from teenagers. I love that JB isn’t ashamed of JC. (Ha.)

4) He has great hair. (Now’s a good time to mention that these are not listed in order of importance.) Take it from someone who’s had bangs for years: it takes a lot of work to make them look good. But Justin not only has perfected it, he’s also made a trend out of it. For the past year or so, tween and teen boys everywhere have been sporting the thick, swoopy-hair-across-the-forehead look that the Biebs made famous.

So, Daughter, I think you should admit to the fact that you really do love Justin Bieber, and when you do, I won’t tease you one bit. I’ll be right alongside you, singing and dancing to “Baby.” Now that I think about it, maybe that scene is precisely what you’re trying to avoid. Hmmm….



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